Welcome to the SPHL

We at the SPHL hold the idea that hockey should be available to anyone who is interested in playing.
To provide a wholesome hockey experience not only for the players participating, but also for the coaches, managers, league officials and parents.
Sportsmanship, fair play, good citizenship, friendly competition, enjoyment and full participation for all team members shall be our highest priorities.
League Sanctioned Events (Games, Tournaments, Practices)
All issues and concerns must be dealt with in a spirit of shared mutual respect within one week of incident occurrence. As per governing sections of the SPHL Constitution and unless otherwise specified, the procedure for resolving Issues and Concerns in any SPHL event is to take the issue or concern through the following levels in order:

  1. 24 hour cool off period
  2. Head Coach
  3. Playground president
  4. SPHL Secretary for filing of a formal complaint
It is with heavy hearts we announce the passing of our friend and president Tom Watkins .
2020 David Bushy Memorial Award
Mila Rogers wins top defenceman at the 2020 atom all-star game
2020 Play-Offs Champs
An open letter to our dedicated players, parents, supporters, and sponsors from the Executive Committee Members of the SPHL.
Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, the Committee Members have been meeting to discuss the implications of this pandemic to the future of the SPHL. Many factors such as: federal, provincial, municipal regulations must be adhered to in order for the SPHL to operate within the parameters set forth by these bodies with the main focus being on player safety and financial consideration with regards to keeping the SPHL affordable to families and at the same time ensuring the SPHL and its playgrounds will be financially feasible to continue and to provide all its stakeholders with the same level of service for many years to come.
During this time, the Committee prioritized several issues which needed to be addressed in order to move forward. These priorities range from:

  1. Should the league suspend play for the 2020-21 season;
  2. If the league decides to continue, how could we structure the divisions to ensure player safety and comply with all regulations;
  3. If the league decides to continue, there would have to be a cap on the number off players the league could accept; keeping in mind the ice times available and the costs associated with the new structure;
  4. If the league decides to continue, should the start of the season be delayed, shortened, extended, and will there be a Police Cup Tournament;
  5. If the league decides to continue, will registration fees increase to reflect the increase in arena fees and by how much;
f. Lastly, the Committee revised and update its Constitution and By-laws to remain current and to address issues which have risen during previous seasons.
In progress responses to priority concerns:
a) On Wednesday July 29th, 2020, the members of the Executive Committee decided to commence with the 2020-21 hockey season. Registration dates are to be determined, pending a municipal meeting slated for mid-August.
b) Current regulations state that a maximum of 40 skaters will be permitted on the ice surface at a time. In addition, the league must contain no more than 50 participants total. This means the SPHL will divide their divisions into smaller divisions of no more than 50 players. Players are not permitted to play against players from outside their division.
Example: At registration, 96 players sign up to play for the Atom Division. Teams will consist of 12 players; therefore, 8 teams will be formed (12 players x 8 teams = 96 Atom Players). Atom Division will be broken up into 2 sub-divisions consisting of 4 teams in Division A and 4 teams in Division B. These divisions will only play within their respective divisions. Should there be a skill discrepancy between the teams in a division, the league will rearrange the divisions at mid-season and after a quarantine period.
*Please Note: With the number of players allowed on a team, some divisions (Novice, Atom, Pee Wee, Bantam) may be playing either 3 on 3 or 4 or 4 hockey with one referee.
c) Due to the restrictions of the number of players allowed on a team, caps on the number of players we will register for each division will be enforced. Which means, you must register your child early or you will be placed on a waiting list. Preference will be given to past SPHL players, which is why early registration is important. The Committee realizes that other hockey associations are struggling with the same challenges and uncertainties. Which means the SPHL may either have an increase in registration (parents/players from other leagues electing to register their child with the SPHL due to cost or uncertainty) or the SPHL could have a decrease in player registration.
d) On Wednesday July 29th, 2020, the members of the Executive Committee decided to suspend the Police Cup Tournament for the 2021 season. Should the pandemic situation change to allow for tournaments; as of now, there will be no Police Cup Tournament.
e) As of Wednesday July 29th, 2020, the Committee does not have any information regarding the Greater City of Sudbury’s plan to increase the cost of arena fees. It should be noted that increased city fees will affect registration fees. Divisional fees will be decided later.
f) Lastly, the SPHL Constitution and By-Laws were revised and updated. Reason for the revision was to make information current and relevant. Another reason is to enforce and to clarify disciplinary measures. Over the last couple of years, the Committee has been dealing with an increasing number of player suspensions and disciplinary issues. The Committee will not tolerate offensive actions from players, parents, coaches, or spectators.
Committee members are parents who may or may not have children playing in the SPHL. Committee members are volunteers. Committee members, Conveners, and Coaches believe in the importance of maintaining the significance of community, which is why and how playground hockey was essentially formed.
The responses to the above questions are complex because of the uncertainty of the future. Should regulations change, the SPHL will comply and will try to adjust accordingly. This will only be possible with your assistance. The Committee needs the cooperation, understanding, and patience of everyone involved with the SPHL. The Committee will do its very best to make this season as enjoyable as past seasons.